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Kindergarten: What will my student learn?

Biblical Formation

The scripture memory verses we learn in kindergarten are from the ABC Bible Verse book and incorporate relatable stories of Missy and Bill and how they apply God’s word to life’s situations. The alphabetized scriptures allow children to hide verses in their hearts that have practical application for their daily lives. “A soft answer turns away wrath” and “Do everything without complaining” are some of the very practical reminders we learn through scripture memorization.


Kindergarten students will learn to understand how numbers relate to one another by counting, writing, ordering, and finding patterns (number sense). After learning to make a set, they’ll join sets together and take them apart (compose and decompose). Through hands-on activities they’ll learn about length, weight, calendar, clocks, and geometric shapes. Critical thinking skills will be developed by estimating and using manipulatives to find answers to word problems.

English Language Arts

Students in kindergarten learn to identify and make sound associations with consonants, short and long vowels, consonant blends and digraphs as well as special vowel teams. They’ll learn 72 sight words in our Reading Through the Rainbow initiative and phonograms or word family words will become recognizable by sight with regular repetition. Through picture interpretation, story retelling, and later guided reading, children learn to perceive relationships and distinguish between fantasy and reality. With a focus on fine motor skills through multi-sensory activities, students learn proper letter formation and word spacing.

Science / Social Studies

Hands-on classroom activities and field trips provide real life exposure to and appreciation of God’s creation and avenues to learn about the human body, animals, plants, magnets, seasons, weather, oceans, rivers, and ponds.

Social Studies begins by learning about family then turns to community through community helpers.  Students are introduced to the USA through landmarks, music, and holiday celebrations. Historic culture is introduced through Native American and colonial life.


During the 2022-2023 school year, the enrichment specials offered during the school day for second graders include art/music and PE. Specials are subject to change from year to year.

Special Opportunities (subject to change from year to year)

  • Field trips:  farm, NC Museum of Science: Treasures of the Coastal Plains
  • Yearly assembly performances sponsored by grants from the United Arts Council
  • Mystery readers and Book Party themed events
  • Participation in school-wide literacy events like Drop Everything and Read Day, Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day, Scholastic book clubs, and the book fair
  • Student exchange with 6th grade class
  • Shapes Extravaganza! Christmas Pageant, Visiting folk musicians

Curriculum Integration

In Kindergarten at HLA, students learn using BJU K5 Math and BJU Focus on the Fives curriculums. Science and Heritage Studies (social studies) are woven throughout the Focus on the Fives program. During the morning devotional time, students focus on Scripture memory using the ABC Scripture memory program.


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