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5th Grade: What will my student learn?

Biblical Formation

The Scripture memory focus in fifth grade helps students to answer the question of how we get to know God. Through prayer and dedicated time with God, pondering the inerrancy, sufficiency, and supremacy of the Word. They will focus on the Lord’s Prayer as a model for prayer and time spent with the Lord. Students will learn how the Scriptures came together, discuss various translations of the Bible, and identify languages used in the original manuscripts.


In fifth grade, complex number sense grows with numbers up to ten million, understanding the relationship between fractions and decimals, multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers, as well as adding, subtracting, multiplying, & dividing fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers. Basic geometry concepts are introduced such as properties of polygons and graphing on a coordinate grid. This course is taught using the following sequence: review, mastery, and enrichment. Word problems are a large part of this course as students use manipulatives, bar models, and other methods to understand, solve, and explain their answers.

English Language Arts

Fifth graders enjoy a wide variety of short stories & novels while learning the importance of a biblical worldview through characters and circumstances. Growth in fluency and reading comprehension are emphasized throughout the year to further their independence and love of reading. Students participate in differentiated reading groups throughout the school year. Students write essays across the curriculum, including narratives, free writes, and descriptive compositions, with an emphasis on quality components. There is a culminating activity at the end of the year when students have the opportunity to write a devotion to be included in a booklet for summer enjoyment. Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary are also incorporated throughout all subjects.


Students learn a great deal in science in 5th grade! As students develop knowledge and a love for God and His creation, they are learning how to apply the scientific method through demonstrations in class, independent projects on satellite days, while sparking curiosity for further exploration on topics of their choice. Some topics in this course include rocks and minerals, matter, weather, ecosystems, and the respiratory system.


Students continue a 4-year chronological study of world history that began in the third grade. As students study the early Renaissance through the early 1700s, students will construct a physical timeline of events and practice map skills while studying the geography of the time period’s most influential regions. Some historical topics include the Hundreds Year War, the rise and fall of Constantinople, the Italian Renaissance, Machu Picchu and the Inca, the Ming dynasty, explorations to the New World, Martin Luther and the Reformation, Ottoman empire, the rise of British power, and the rule of shoguns in Japan.


During the 2022-2023 school year, the enrichment specials offered during the school day for fifth graders include art, PE, and Biblical formations. Specials are subject to change from year to year.

Special Opportunities

  • Field trips: varying NC Museum of Science programs
  • Yearly assembly performances sponsored by grants from the United Arts Council
  • Development of creative writing publication with support from a local author
  • Participation in school-wide literacy events like Drop Everything and Read Day, Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day, Scholastic book clubs, and the book fair.

Curriculum Integration

In fifth grade, math is taught using the Singapore Primary Mathematics 2022 edition. Other subject areas are taught using BJU programs (spelling, reading and science). Fifth grade utilizes the IEW writing program (Institute for Excellence in Writing) that pairs nicely with grammar support from Easy Grammar. Publishing company Notgrass History provides the Adam to Us program that supports our 4-year chronological approach to learning history in grades 3 - 6. In fifth grade, students practice handwriting through print and cursive while focusing instruction on typing through the Typesy online program. The Keys for the Kingdom program is utilized during morning devotional time for Biblical formation.


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