At Heritage Leadership Academy, our mission is to partner with families as they raise the next generation of godly leaders to impact the world for Christ by providing quality education, accountability, and support that enables them to thrive spiritually, intellectually, and relationally.


First and foremost, we recognize the God-ordained role of parents in the education of their children. Parental involvement is proven to be the most critical factor in a child’s success in and outside of the classroom. At HLA we strive to provide high quality education, mentorship, and discipleship while supporting and strengthening families in the process.


Partnering with families in equipping students to know, love, and follow Jesus through a Gospel-focused, learner-centered education.

So commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these words of mine…teach them to your children. Talk about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

Deuteronomy 11:18-19

Academic Core Outcomes

In partnership with families and staff, HLA’s academic program prepares students to: 

  • Complex problem solve
  • Think critically
  • Manifest servant-leadership
  • Defend stances
  • Collaborate well with others
  • Acquire emotional intelligence
  • Demonstrate cognitive flexibility
  • Defeat complacency

Spiritual Core Outcomes

In partnership with families and relying on the work of the Holy Spirit, HLA desires to cultivate the following outcomes so that students: 

  • Own their faith in Jesus
  • Look to and walk with Jesus daily
  • Guard their hearts above all else
  • Make disciples
  • Root their identity in Jesus
  • Follow God’s call on their lives
  • Serve others

At HLA, it is our goal to put an emphasis on the learning process for every child instead of creating a pressure-filled environment that focuses only on grades or test scores. As such, assessments and grades given at HLA are simply a tool; not an end.  We live in a place, time, and culture that worships academic achievement.  Because our culture worships this achievement, parents and students alike often define themselves by the grades they earn in school.  The grade becomes the goal, and the process is ignored.  We are not immune to this error, and we must push back against this tendency.  

Our children’s grades, whether A’s and B’s, or E’s and N’s are a window into the life of our children, and should be used by us and them to understand and know themselves better.  Grades help us define strengths and spot weaknesses; in academics and in character development, but they are not a measure of your child’s worth (or yours as a parent!).  This same message has been delivered to teachers and as we all continue to deal with the growing pains of starting something new, I pray we can keep this before us.  

Furthermore, our school’s vision states that we are about “equipping students to know, love, and serve Jesus.”  Academic achievement is not mentioned there.  Of course, that does not mean we care nothing for academics.  It is our hope that as we pursue wisdom, joy, and love for God our students will achieve much academically.  But again, that is not our primary purpose.  As we study math, grammar, science, history, literature, we aim for something even higher — things that are more permanent and lasting.  An ‘A’, ‘C’, E’, or ‘N’ that may appear on an assessment or report card is a tool to discover things about your child’s ability to persevere in difficulty, accept responsibility, or even receive honor with humility – all virtues which bring honor to our God.

It is our hope and desire at HLA that in everything we do, we do it in a way that brings honor and glory to God above all else. We are so thankful that our performance in life, be it spectacular or sluggish, has no bearing on our salvation; our salvation is found in Jesus and His work on the cross.


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