Frequently Asked Questions

The Durham campus is grades K-8. The Apex campus is K-6 and the second Apex campus is 7-12.

Two full days (roughly 7 hours/day) per week are spent on campus, and three days are spent in the satellite classroom (the home) for grades K-6. Three full days per week and two satellite days for grades 7-12.

As a general rule, your child should expect to spend about an hour outside the classroom for every hour spent inside the classroom, but each child is different based on his or her struggles and strengths.

The University-Model School is recognized as a private school by the DNPE (Department of Non-Public Education). Children enrolled in a UMS are not considered homeschoolers. However, depending on availability, we will be offering a la carte classes to homeschool students. In this case, the child may receive credit for the course he takes, but he would not be eligible for a diploma from the school upon graduation.

Parents are referred to as ‘co-teachers’ in the University-Model. Don’t let this terminology scare you! Professional educators will do all of the lesson-planning, preparation, and curriculum instruction. Your role as the co-teacher is best described as ‘private tutor’ in the elementary grades. You will help your child with work assigned and explained by the teacher, tutoring him in areas that may be more difficult for him. In junior high your role will become more of a ‘guide’, progressing to ‘course monitor’ in senior high. The goal of the UM is spiritual and academic independence, so your direct involvement will gradually decrease over time.

Our goal is to lever the strengths of the classical model to most effectively teach courses such as history, literature, grammar and Bible. In the early grades, especially K-1, we will modify as needed to accomplish the most well-rounded, age-appropriate education. While we strive for academic excellence, the importance of choosing a curriculum that is both effective AND engaging is of utmost importance.


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