Curriculum - 7-12

Curriculum - 7-12

In 7-12 our core classes consist of Math, Science, ELA, and History.  Similar to our K6 Curriculum, the majority of our curriculum choices are faith based and guide our students within a Biblical framework.  With HLA’s vision to equip students to know, love, and serve Jesus through a gospel-focused, learner-centered education, teachers use each piece of curriculum as a resource to help students see their Creator through the lens of the subject matter at hand.  Along with the curriculum, teachers use hands-on and interactive experiences to engage all types of learners, whether the learners are more visual or kinesthetic or they learn better while listening or writing, our classes are designed with all students in mind.

Using the side menu, to the right, you can view the curriculum choices for grades 7-12 by subject area and the learning outcomes for each individual grade. Please note that we are continually reviewing and evaluating our curriculum for effectiveness. Changes are periodically made to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our students and our families.


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