Curriculum - K6

Curriculum - K6

The vision of HLA is to equip our students to know, love and serve Jesus through a gospel-focused, learner-centered education. To that end, we infuse all our core curricular subjects with the Word of God, bringing to light the beauty and wonder of our Creator in math, in the natural world, throughout literature, and through the ages gone by.

Because of our desire to be gospel-focused, some of our curriculum choices are faith-based programs. Others are reputable providers that sync well with the university model. Regardless of the existence of scripted gospel-content, our teachers keep Jesus at the center of all our core curriculum subjects throughout the instructional day. Our goal is that students will develop a Biblical worldview by which they see the entire world around them.

Inn the beginning, God created...

A learner-centered learning environment shifts the focus from the activity of the teacher to the learning of the child. Active methods of learning, like solving problems, explaining one’s thinking, debating, formulating questions, and defending conclusions are part of the classroom experience at HLA. We believe in empowering our students to learn by giving them academic choice and ownership of the learning process in many situations.

Building a volcano science projectVolcano science project eruptingAt the mangerRobot project

At the elementary school campuses, we focus on math, ELA, and the Biblical Worldview. Most instructional time on our campus days are spent in these curricular areas, honing reading comprehension skills and solidifying a sturdy computational and analytical thinking foundation on which the students can build securely in the middle and high school years. We also offer learner-centered science, social studies, history, and extracurricular courses to round out the students’ day.

Currently, our sixth grade classes are located at each of our elementary campuses. Sixth grade mirrors the rigor and expectations of middle school, but with the comfort of the elementary campus.

HLA provides all students with the textbooks, workbooks, and instructional aids to go along with each curriculum offering. In addition, for our key subject areas of focus (math and ELA), we provide the Teacher Edition for our co-teachers so they can be successful in implementing these core subjects at home. The book bags shown below are passed out at the beginning of each school year and have all the curriculum pieces each student and the co-teacher needs.

Book bags prepared for pickup

Using the side menu, to the right, you can view the curriculum choices by subject area and the learning outcomes for each individual grade. Please note that we are continually reviewing and evaluating our curriculum for effectiveness. Changes are periodically made to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our students and our families.


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