Co-teacher Support

Co-teacher Support

The University Model School is a unique model which naturally demands partnership with parents. Heritage Leadership Academy partners with families in many ways that extend beyond what is typically found even in University Model Schools. Heritage Leadership Academy invests in our parents as full partners in the education of our students. We feel so strongly about this partnership that parents are appropriately called, co-teachers within our school.

To facilitate the growth of parents as co-teachers, one part of our Program Support Department is dedicated to encouraging, educating, and equipping parents as they tackle their role on satellite days. By supporting parents as satellite teachers, we facilitate student academic progress far beyond the classroom. By helping families build Biblical foundations in their children we are impact the future for Christ.

We fulfill these objectives through a variety of different options. The Director of Co-Teacher Support works with the Curriculum and Teaching Program Director to align curriculum usage between classroom and satellite days. In addition to providing quality teacher editions, Co-Teacher support equips co-teachers by with specific training in key academic subjects. We educate the parents to help them both align and individualize best practice teaching methods between campus days and satellite days. We encourage them by listening to their concerns and suggestions. We also meet individually with co-teachers to help them find ways to manage satellite days effectively.

Co-Teacher Support also encourages parents to be active in the community of fellow co-teachers by providing PEP (Parents Encouraging Parents) groups and small group, grade level specific meetings. Co-teacher PEP Leaders facilitate information sharing and informal community gatherings through an online platform. We have
found that co-teachers who actively participate in these groups learn from other parents and their children grow friendships in the informal gatherings.


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