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Science Curriculum

Science textbooks

HLA uses the BJU Press’s elementary science product line, which equips students to apply science to life by building foundational knowledge and skills with pre-assessments, scaffolded instruction, spiral review, and hands-on activities. Explorations in scientific inquiry give students opportunities to observe, classify, measure data, analyze data, make inferences, and communicate their findings. When they interact with and use models, students are better able to explain and describe their observations as well as make predictions about scientific principles they’ve learned. Collaborative STEM activities give students opportunities to design, test, and refine engineered solutions to real-world problems. Kindergarten through sixth grade uses science materials from BJU Press.


The HLA vision states: “Partnering with families in equipping students to know, love, and follow Jesus through a Gospel-focused, learner-centered education.” We hold dearly to the values of the learner-centered classroom, shifting the focus from the activity of the teacher to the learning of the child. Science in particular, lends itself to many opportunities for hands-on practice, exploration, and student-centered learning.

Teacher demonstrating volcano science projectStudent demonstrating volcano science project

Student doing science schoolwork

Student displaying esophagus project

Skeleton model in science classroom

Students looking through microscope

Science and Biblical Worldview Shaping

Science is a subject that lends itself well to Biblical worldview shaping. As students study the majesty of the world God created, conversations about who He is and who they are in Him abound in the classroom. While each grade level has a series of academic Anchor Standards for each subject, they also have Anchor Standards for Biblical Worldview Shaping directly related to science. 


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