7-12 - Curriculum by Subject

Social Studies / History Curriculum

7th grade Eastern Hemisphere, Sonlight
8th  grade Cultural Geography, BJU 5th edition
9th  grade World History, BJU 5th edition
10th  grade United States History Part I, BJU 5th  edition/ American Government, BJU 4th edition
11th  grade United States History Part II, BJU 5th  edition/ American Government, BJU 4th edition
12th grade Economics, BJU 3rd edition/ Personal Finance, Dave Ramsey

Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere

Eastern Hemisphere book

Eastern Hemisphere studies non-western cultures. The course encompasses history, geography, cultures, religions, economics, forms of government, and literature. The choice to study eastern hemisphere countries is driven by a “missionary impulse”.

BJU Cultural Geography

Cultural Geography textbook

Cultural Geography teaches from a biblical perspective encouraging students to appreciate the diversity of people, cultures, and landforms.

BJU World History

World History textbook

World History guides students through the story of history, starting with creation and continuing to the present. Students analyze five key historical themes from a biblical perspective.

BJU United States History

US History textbook

United States History teaches about the development of the US as a nation.

  • Part I covers European settlements among the Native Americans until the Reconstruction. (Early 17th century – 1877)
  • Part II begins with the Expansion westward through the present. (1877- 2020 election)

BJU American Government

American Government textbook

American Government studies the foundations of our country, the Constitution, the three branches of government, politics and the parties. It aims to develop students’ critical-thinking skills from a biblical worldview.

BJU Economics 

Economics textbook

The Economics course is one-semester and teaches economic principles from a conservative approach.

Dave Ramsey Personal Finance 

Dave Ramsey Personal Finance textbook

The Foundations in Personal Finance course teaches students about saving, investing, credit, debt, money management, and more from a biblical perspective.


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