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It’s been said, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.” At HLA, we believe a brighter future is made by awakening and cultivating the God-given purpose in each child.

To this end, we utilize a revolutionary University Model home-and-classroom-hybrid approach, providing the perfect blend of academic rigor, college preparation, guided learning, independent discovery, social integration, and parental nurturing.

To embody our mission, our mascot is the fletcher, a maker of arrows, which represents our educational philosophy: to partner with parents in raising the next generation of leaders who are prepared to soar through life, aimed squarely at their goals, and destined to hit their mark. Join with us today as we build toward a better tomorrow, together.

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What our families say

My kids have experienced tremendous personal, spiritual, and academic growth since starting at HLA, and I still get to spend that precious time at home with them. I could literally fill pages with the blessings HLA has brought to our family!

Jamie Arnold

Jamie Arnold HLA Parent

We heard about HLA and that it was a University Model School. After learning more about this form of education, our family was sold! The grandchildren have loved the social interaction and classroom experience, and we have loved the opportunity to partner with skilled teachers who are doing an excellent job!

Lisa Fragas

Lisa Fragas HLA Grandparent

HLA ... teachers and administration truly partner with us to disciple our kids and raise up the next generation to reach the world for Christ. We are thankful for the quality education they are receiving and the enrichment opportunities they have through HLA, but most of all for the way HLA cares about our child’s heart above all else.

Jasmine Prebles

Jasmine Prebles HLA Parent

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